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OAPEN-UK was a collaborative research project gathering evidence to help stakeholders make informed decisions on the future of open access scholarly monograph publishing in the humanities and social sciences (HSS). The OAPEN-UK final report was released in January 2016.

Funded by JISC and the AHRC, OAPEN-UK was a highly consultative project – working in an area where little research existed and connecting with all the key stakeholders to identify and discuss concerns, challenges, perceptions and opportunities related to a transition to open access monographs. OAPEN-UK recognised that open access will require changes to current working practice as well as cultural change and that resistance to change is inevitable. By working with each stakeholder and sharing findings between stakeholders, the project promoted understanding and knowledge and enabled stakeholders to make informed decisions based on evidence, rather than assumptions.

  • To learn about why the project and the objectives of the research, please see the overview section. This section also contains the project plan, the research plan and the steering group membership.
  • The pilot section includes information on the real time pilot that ran for three years. It also tells you about the selection criteria for the titles included, which publishers were members of the project and the pilot final report.
  • Findings and summary reports of all the research we have undertaken throughout the project are available in the research findings section.
  • We have produced two guides for HSS researchers – a guide to creative commons and a guide to open access monograph publishing.
  • In 2013 we held the first open access monograph conference. The conference pages contain links to the presentations, videos and a summary report of the conference.

Caren Milloy
Deputy Director, Jisc Collections

For further information on OAPEN-UK, please contact

email: caren.milloy@jisc.ac.uk
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