Costing OA monographs

Ronald Snijder, Technical Coordinator; Project manager digital publications at OAPEN Foundation has presented some extremely interesting slides on the costs associated with an open access monograph. The analysis has been done by title, rather than by publisher, on the books included in the OAPEN-NL project. He has analysed the print costs and the OA costs (fixed and variable) but excluded profit (surplus as some like to call it) and VAT. The findings show that on average, the OA costs account for 49.1% (5,970 EUR) of the total costs and print costs account for 50.9% (6,196 EUR) of the total. The presentation ends with two proposed funding models for funders to consider and how these models fared for the titles in the pilot. It is a really useful presentation for those considering the costs for OA monographs.

View the presentation below: