Project Timetable

April 2010 – Ongoing: Meetings with Stakeholders
JISC Collections has learnt from its previous business model and e-book projects that engaging stakeholders before fully defining a project plan is essential. Success can only be achieved if you listen to their requirements and develop a specification that takes account of their requirements, attitudes and workflows.

Managing the expectations and different ‘agendas’ of stakeholders will be a major challenge of this project. The following stakeholders will be consulted:

  • Publishers
  • Research councils
  • JISC
  • Researchers / Authors
  • Librarians

July 2010 –September 2010: Desk Research
The project manager will undertake desk research during this period to help develop knowledge and to inform the creation of the ITT.

October 2010: Invitation to Tender
Utilising the findings and knowledge gained through the discussions with stakeholders, the invitation to tender that will be released to publishers will be created.

The ITT will invite publishers of scholarly monographs in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) to tender to participate in OAPEN-UK.

Publishers will be invited to:

  1. Submit scholarly monograph titles in the HSS for inclusion in the pilot
  2. Participate in the collection and evaluation of the data
  3. Join the Steering Group alongside the researchers, libraries and research council representative that are already members, to provide expert advice and guidance

Publishers must submit:

  • Information about the publishing house and its HSS book business, including information on its peer review process. The publisher’s view of how participation might be beneficial to them
  • Completed Submission Spreadsheet for the pilot on each of the pairs
  • A signed Cooperation  Agreement

JISC Collections will follow OJEU procurement rules. The final tender will be agreed by the Steering Group.

Whilst the ITT is being created, JISC Collections will develop a website to include information on the OAPEN-UK.

October 2010 – December 2010: Release ITT
Following the creation of the ITT, JISC Collections will hold a briefing event in October to align with the release of the ITT which will be available for 52 days. Briefing events are very useful in ensuring that everyone is clear about the ITT and provides a forum for discussion.

Organisation of the markers and the preparation of documents will be done in this period. It is envisaged that the Steering Group will be markers of the bids.

December 2010 –January 2011: Bid marking period
The bids will be evaluated by the Steering Group against the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the publisher in the HSS discipline
  • Compliance with requirements of the pilot
  • Evaluation of the submitted titles
    • Criterion 1: Print sales in relation to publication date
    • Criterion 2: Match of ‘Paired titles’ e.g. publication date, subject area and age to print sales ratio, price and format history
    • Criterion 3: Title is available in e-book device friendly formats
    • Criterion 4: Overall compliance with other requirements including MARC records, discoverability and data
    • Criterion 5: Value for Money

In previous projects, it has been very useful to pull together an overview spreadsheet prior to sending the bids out for marking. JISC Collections will provide an initial quality check of the bids.

Once this is completed, the bids will be sent to markers along with the guidance documents. There are two options for marking the bids, it can either be done remotely, or markers may like to come together for one day and agree which bids will proceed.

Successful bidders will be informed.

February 2011 –July 2011: Contracts and Research Plan
During this period the Project Manager will meet with success publishers and initiate discussions regarding the project. The contract letters will be written and circulated for signature

Successful publishers will each have a representative on the Steering Group.

The draft research plan will be devised and discussed by the Steering Group in June 2011.

July 2011 – September 2011: Initiate pilot
During this period, the Project Manager will discuss the pilots in detail with the publishers and ensure that all details required to support the research plan are in place. In this period, the issue of discoverability will be discussed.

September 2011 – August 2014: Pilot
The pilot will launch in September 2011 and will run for three academic years.

Pilot Year 1: 1st September 2011 – 31st August 2012
Pilot Year 2: 1st September 2012 – 31st August 2013
Pilot Year 3: 1st September 2013 – 31st August 2014

September 2011 – August 2015: Research programme

During this period a full programme of research will run. Please see the research plan for full details.

Summer – Winter 2015: Evaluation and Reporting

At the end of 2015, the OAPEN-UK team will synthesis all the findings from the research plan and the pilot and develop the OAPEN-UK final report.