Research Plan

The OAPEN-UK research plan takes an agile approach. We think that this is necessary in an environment where new open access and REF policies are developing, new funding models are being tested and publishing is changing what we mean by a monograph or ebook. The original OAPEN -UK research plan was updated in early 2013 with new work packages added and agreed by the Steering Group. It was then reviewed in light of changes to the landscape and a Research Plan for Year 3 agreed at the February 2014 Steering Group meeting.

Whilst it is updated, it always remains focused on three key research questions:

1. How might policies, processes and mechanisms need to change to enable OA publication of monographs?

a. What is the most appropriate business model for OA monographs?
This question should cover the suitable price for an OA monograph, whether that price might vary by publisher, whether e-only OA is a viable strategy, the potential ongoing need or demand for print, the most effective way to manage OA fees, licensing regimes, IPR and reuse rights and royalties.

b. What is the impact on organisational policies?
This question should cover changes that funders make to their OA policies, that libraries make to their purchasing and selection policies, that repositories make to their depositing policies and that institutions make in order to comply with new OA regimes.

c. What technical changes may be required in order to move to OA?
This question should cover back- and front-end system changes made by publishers, changes to funder systems, integration into existing library systems and discoverability.

2. What are the measurable effects of a move to OA monographs?
These questions should focus upon measurable effects i.e. things that can be verified by reference to data. Changes in attitudes and perceptions are covered by question 3.

a. On readership/usage?
b. On saless
c. On citations?
d. On plagiarism?

3. How do perceptions of OA monograph publication change among participants during the project?

a. Perceived risks and benefits to various stakeholders of publishing in OA format?
This might include issues such as business models, readership, academic reward, discoverability etc.

b. Perceived quality of OA monographs?

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