Research Plan

The OAPEN-UK research plan included a suite of qualitative projects designed to understand the practices, policies, processes and behaviours which would need to change if open access for monographs were to become more widespread. The approach was to work with the main groups involved in publishing and promoting an academic book, including researchers, institutions, publishers, aggregators, learned societites and research funders.

The research plan was designed to be agile, iterative and responsive. Over five years of work, the research programme and objectives developed in line with changes within and outside the project. We designed new work packages to address growing areas of interest, and adapted
existing ones to reflect changing circumstances.

The original OAPEN -UK research plan was updated in early 2013 with new work packages added and agreed by the Steering Group. It was then reviewed in light of changes to the landscape and a Research Plan for Year 3 agreed at the February 2014 Steering Group meeting. In July 2015, the research plan was further updated and the final schedule agreed.

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