About the pilot

Update September 2013: Oxford University Press joins OAPEN-UK with 18 additional titles being made available in open access.

Oxford University Press, Palgrave Macmillan, Taylor & Francis, Bloomsbury, Liverpool University Press and University Wales Press are all participating in OAPEN-UK and have had scholarly monographs selected for inclusion in the pilot.  The pilot runs from 1 September 2011 to the 31 August 2014.

What is the business model?

The purpose of the pilot is to evaluate the usage and sales of the open access monographs in the Experimental Group against those in the Control Group. The business model being used is the OAPEN model:

The publisher is paid a fee to make the PDF of the monograph freely available in open access using a creative commons licence. The fee covers the costs of the open access edition. The publisher supplements the fee by selling print editions, and if they choose to, ebook device friendly editions (Epub, Kindle). This business model recognises that there is still a demand for print and that publishers, during a transition to open access, will continue to run production to support both print and electronic. It is possible, that sales of the print edition, may help reduce the fee charged for the open access edition, but this is part of the pilot.

How were the monographs selected?

For each monograph title submitted, the publisher had to submit a matched title to make a pair. The titles were matched as closely as possible by publication date, subject area, age to print sales ratio, price and format history. With the addition of the new OUP titles, we now have a total of 76 HSS scholarly monographs, making 38 pairs [view the titles]. Please note there are two sheets in the spreadsheet.

A title from each pair was randomly placed in either the Experimental Group or the Control Group.

Where are the monographs available from?

The Experimental Group titles are available in open access using a creative commons licence in the following locations:

  • The OAPEN Library (which provides MARC records and links to the library discovery services)
  • Google Books – 100% full view
  • The Directory of Open Access Books
  • The publisher’s website (if they have one)
  • The institutional repository of an author

The Control Group titles are available as ebooks for sale under the publishers’ traditional route to market. They are also only available as 10% previews in Google Books. As with the Experimental Group titles, the publisher is free to sell print editions.

As this pilot reflects the real world environment as much as possible, there are many variables and influences and it is recognised that this is not a scientific experiment. The data collected will however be very useful and informative and we hope to discover trends, similarities and differences between the Experimental and Control Groups that can help inform future decisions and the scholarly monograph environment.

View the list of OAPEN UK TitlesPlease note there are two sheets in the spreadsheet.