Info for repository managers

What is OAPEN-UK?

OAPEN-UK is a collaborative research project gathering evidence to help stakeholders make informed decisions on the future of open access scholarly monograph publishing in the humanities and social sciences (HSS). Read more…

The usage and sales of 76 titles matched into pairs by publication date, subject area, age to print sales ratio, price and format history will be studied. A title from each pair has been randomly placed in either the Experimental Group or the Control Group.

  • The Experimental Group titles = available in open access under a creative commons licence
  • The Control Group titles = available as ebooks for sale under the publishers normal licensing and route to market models

Read about the pilot

Can I include the experimental group titles in my institutional repository (IR)?

Yes. We encourage you to take a look at the list of authors and their affiliations for the experimental group titles and to see if it includes an author from your institution. If it does, you can deposit the title in your repository.

How do I get hold of the files?

The experimental group titles are available as PDFs for download on the OAPEN Library. All the experimental group titles are available under a Creative Commons license so you do not need to ask for any further permission.

To make this as quick as possible for you, we have included the direct links to the PDF files on the OAPEN Library in the spreadsheet.

Do I have to tell anyone that I have downloaded the title(s)?

Yes please! We would be very grateful if you could let us know if you have placed a title in your repository so that we can account for this – this will help us in the research we are undertaking on the use of the titles.

Please contact Caren Milloy on to let us know that you have done so and if you are able to provide us with the number of downloads of the title(s) through your IR statistics.

What research is going on and how can I get involved?

A full programme of research activity is taking place and we are very keen to hear your thoughts and ideas, especially in terms of the processes around IRs.

The research plan is focusing on:

  • how policies, processes and mechanisms might need to change to enable OA publication of monographs
  • what the measurable effects of a move to OA monographs are, and
  • how perceptions of OA monograph publication change among participants during the project

I can get involved by…..

We will be running a series of focus groups and surveys for IR Managers. In November we are holding a focus group with institutional representative – please see the events page for more information.

If you are interested in participating in focus groups, surveys etc, please do let Caren Milloy –

How can I stay up to date with the project?

There are various routes:
• We will use the email list to send updates as the project progresses
• We will be adding news on the website
• We will be tweeting from @OAPENUK using the #oapenuk tag