Benchmarking Surveys

Benchmarking Surveys
One of the questions we aim to answer during the project is how do perceptions of open access monograph publication change among participants during the project? This question relates specifically to the members of our Steering Group and the authors of the titles in the pilot. Through benchmarking surveys we will explore if their attitudes and perceptions towards open access publishing change as the project progresses.

Baseline Survey 2012
The Baseline Survey Presentation reports the findings of our baseline survey of steering group members and participating authors to explore the effect that participating in the project has upon their views of open access monograph publishing. The survey was carried out between November 2011 and February 2012.

Benchmarking Survey 2013
The 2013 benchmarking survey presentation focuses on the authors who have titles in the project. We have presented the 2013 data against the 2012 data to show where perceptions and attitdues have changed or remained the same. We will present the survey results from the steering group members combined with the 2015 data to provide an overaching picture of the duration of the project.

Benchmarking Survey 2015
The 2015 benchmarking survey presentation reports on the findings over the full period of the project for the authors and members of the steering group.