Publisher Interviews

In later 2013 and early 2014 we undertook a series of interviews with eight UK monograph publishers. The overall aim of these interviews was to probe, in some depth, attitudes towards OA monograph publishing and to identify where the key changes will be in terms of processes and systems. We also discussed external influences and any challenges or opportunities that publishers think about in relation to OA publishing. We spoke to 2-3 people within each publishing house in order to get a range of perspectives: these included editors, technology managers, sales teams, etc. The questions asked inevitably altered depending on the type of publisher interviewed. However, we consistently asked open questions to stimulate discussion and draw out comparisons.

For purposes of anonymity the publishers and their representatives shall remain nameless in the report. They were drawn from a number of presses: different sizes, university presses and more commercial organisations, well-established and newer publishers, including some open access publishers. We generally report on areas of similarity or difference across interviews without identifying the specific publishers involved.

We would also like to stress that these interviews took place in 2013 and 2014: some elements of policy in particular have moved on for most of our interviewees since that time. But we present this analysis as a useful snapshot of how open access for monographs was beginning to be considered among publishers.

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