Research Funder Interviews

In early 2015 the OAPEN-UK project conducted structured interviews with representatives of the main funders of humanities and social science (HSS) research in the UK. The funders included European-level guarantors, national research councils, discipline-specific academies and global charitable foundations. For purposes of anonymity, the funders will remain unnamed in the following report and will instead be referred to as Funders A – F.

The aim of the OAPEN-UK funder interviews was to uncover the extent to which funders of UK research are engaged with issues of Open Access (OA) in its widest sense. The interviews sought to highlight the funders’ general perceptions of OA, as well as their chief priorities and concerns. Where applicable, the interviews also probed funders about the future of OA monographs. The key messages arising from the discussions are summarised below.

The key messages from the interviews have been summarised in a report.