Researchers (17th March)

  • David Zeitlyn (Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Oxford)
  • Robin Osborne (Professor of Ancient History, University of Cambridge)
  • Malcolm Heath (Professor of Greek Language and Literature, University of Leeds)
  • Rob Johnson (Consultant, Association of Research Managers and Administrators, ARMA)
  • Jannecke Adema (Research Fellow in Digital Media, Coventry University)
  • Charlotte Waelde (Professor in Intellectual Property Law, University of Exeter)
  • Cecy Marden (Wellcome Library OA Project Manager, Wellcome Trust)
  • Jane Winters (Professor of Digital History, Institute of Historical Research, University of London)
  • Nick Canty (Lecturer of Publishing, University College London)
  • Charlotte Roueche (Senior Research Fellow in Digital Hellenic Studies, King’s College London)
  • Greg Woolf (Director of the Institute for Classical Studies, School of Advanced Studies, University of London)

Librarians (19th March)

  • Graham Stone (Information Resources Manager, University of Huddersfield)
  • Michael Fake (White Rose Libraries Executive Manager, University of York)
  • Steven Sharp (Resource Acquisition Team Leader, University of Leeds)
  • Jane Harvell (Head of Library Academic Services and Special Collections, University of Sussex)
  • Martin Wolf (Research Support Lead, University of Liverpool)
  • Louise Harrington (Repository Manager, Cardiff University)
  • Mary Pickstone (Research Support Librarian, Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Charlotte Middleton (Research Support and Digital Assets Officer, King’s College London)
  • Andrew Loverock (Monographs e-business Specialist, University of Birmingham)
  • Alice Percival (Subject Librarian, Cardiff University)

Publishers (20th March)

  • Lara Speicher (Publishing Manager, UCL Press)
  • Matthew Day (Head of Open Access, Cambridge University Press)
  • James Rivington (Head of Academic Publications and Events, British Academy)
  • Rupert Gatti (Director, Open Book Publishers)
  • Frances Pinter (CEO, Manchester University Press and Founder, Knowledge Unlatched)
  • Richard Mollet (Chief Executive, The Publishers Association Limited)
  • Iain Hrynaszkiewicz (Head of Data and HSS Publishing, Nature Publishing Group/Palgrave Macmillan)
  • Sarah Lewis (Head of Commissioning, University of Wales Press)
  • Anthony Cond (Director, Liverpool University Press)
  • Alison Jones (Managing Editor, Open Access, Oxford University Press)
  • Rachel Daw (Digital Product Manager, Routledge Books/T&F)
  • Andrew Lockett (Publishing Manager, University of Westminster Press)