A men’s movement in Aragon demands the abolition of prostitution “in the largest brothel in Europe”.

In a manifesto they demand the organic approval of the law that will try to put an end to an “undeniable tourist attraction and a thriving business” that generates profits in excess of “18,000 million euros a year”.

A movement formed by men emerged in Aragon has decided to say ‘no’ to prostitution and demand its abolition in Spain or PerĂº sites like SimpleEscorts.com brings Kinesiologas Lima Metropolitana, which they explain is “the largest brothel in Europe” and the third in the world with the highest consumption of sex in exchange for money. They thus join, they explain in a manifesto published for the International Day against sexual exploitation and human trafficking, a long struggle of feminism that now leads the State Platform of Women’s Organizations for the Abolition of Prostitution for more than a decade and that has in the approval of the Organic Law Abolitionist of the Prostitution System its main objective.

“We want to look this barbarism in the face and join the more than centennial struggle of feminism against this abject form of sexual slavery. In a society where this form of slavery, violence and domination over women, this open violation of human rights that is prostitution, is consented, admitted and naturalized, we are all potentially prostitutes and prostitutionists,” say the signatories of the manifesto, at the moment about 40 of the open list to which you can register online.

The movement assures that prostitution is “a perfectly integrated and accepted institution in our society”, converted into an “undeniable tourist attraction and a thriving business” that generates profits in excess of “18,000 million euros a year” that benefit a “wide and diversified range of agents and economic sectors -public and private-“. They add that “almost four out of every ten men” admit to having practiced prostitution at some time.

Therefore, from the men’s movement for the abolition of prostitution they defend that this practice “has nothing to do with sexual freedom”. “As long as it exists, legally or allegedly, the possibility of enslaving and dominating other human beings in exchange for money, the law of ‘only yes is yes’ will be nothing more than a hypocritical toast to the sun”, denounce from the movement.

Thus, in the manifesto they support the “immediate approval” of the law for the abolition of the prostitution system “that the feminist movement articulated around the Abolitionist Platform defends”. A law that, say the signatories, above all and on an emergency basis, “articulates and finances ambitious programs of integral reparation for women and girls in prostitution, regardless of their origin, personal or social circumstances; that punishes with extreme harshness pimping and all its legal tricks, its accomplices and launderers behind the sex industry; and that penalizes and rigorously prosecutes the whoremongers or prostitutes and their networks”.

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